RESADO Technology

A new and innovative technology – developed specifically for IoT device security – ensuring a highly secure and reliable IoT device end-operation. 

Digital Device Fingerprint


The RESADO system extracts a unique digital fingerprint out of every individual IoT device. This fingerprint ensures the unique identification of every IoT device that constitutes the basis for highly secure device authentication and communication. As a result, IoT devices are constantly protected against cyber threats while being highly reliable in use, everywhere and every time.

One-Time Key Concept


RESADO generates a key that is solely valid for one individual transaction when necessary. No secret information is stored on the IoT device at any time.

Remote Device Updates


The RESADO IoT device security system represents a sustainable 

security solution that can be continually and efficiently updated remotely from anywhere. 

Benefits and Features

Maximized Security


RESADO ensures maximized security protection with the highest security standard through its digitally generated IoT device fingerprint.

Lightweight Solution


The lightweight computational process runs very reliably on small IoT device chips with a minimized hardware overhead.

Highest Flexibility


The RESADO system can be easily adapted to different use-case scenarios comprising high flexibility and robustness.

RESADO Solution Portfolio


A large portfolio of various IoT device security solutions

Dependent on the specific application and needs, RESADO develops, delivers, and implements all required hardware and software components. This enables an easy and efficient integration of the security solution into individual IoT devices. RESADO provides services along the entire cyber security development and implementation process, from the definition of the security concept to its implementation into serial production including the provisioning of constant updates. 


RESADO is your partner for IoT device cyber security that requires a highly effective and efficient solution while ensuring the highest security protection standards everywhere and every time. 


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