Securing Connected Devices

RESADO protects the most valuable assets in the "Internet of Things"

The RESADO technology ensures its customers’ IoT products/devices are constantly protected against cyber threats, avoiding theft of sensitive data, loss of productivity, and damaged reputation. 


RESADO ensures IoT products/devices are highly reliable in use, everywhere and every time. 

Cyber attacks │ Highest threat of the 21st century

The majority of all IoT devices possess insufficient security systems

The fast pace of digitalization causes tremendous risks. In the IoT, any physical device can be connected to the internet anywhere – this requires new security solutions. 


The use of outdated, inappropriate, or no IoT device security solutions at all leads to high insecurity where businesses face more cyber attack threats than ever before:

Theft of IP and Sensitive Data

cyber security

Insecure IoT devices make the entire system vulnerable to cyber attacks leading to the loss of confidential information, patents etc. – a company's most valuable assets.

Productivity and Financial Losses

cyber security

Insufficiently protected IoT devices can be exploited for theft of data or sabotage of equipment that can hamper productivity while leading to high financial losses.

Damaged Reputation

cyber security

Insecure IoT products and operations can not only cause tremendous damages in terms of IP or data losses but can also result in strong damage of a company’s image.

Cyber security flaws and damages cost businesses and institutions millions of USD every year. Due to the fast pace of digitalization, appropriate practices in IoT device cyber security to ensure secure and reliable operations are required now more than ever.

RESADO Technology

A new and innovative IoT device security system – ensuring the highest security protection standards

Cyber Security Digital Fingerprint

Digital Device Fingerprint

The RESADO system extracts a unique digital fingerprint out of every individual IoT device. This fingerprint ensures the unique identification of every IoT device that constitutes the basis for highly secure device authentication and communication. As a result, IoT devices are constantly protected against cyber threats while being highly reliable in use, everywhere and every time.

Benefits and Features

IoT cyber security

Maximized Security

RESADO ensures maximized security protection with the highest security standard through its digitally generated IoT device fingerprint.

IoT cyber security

Lightweight Solution

The lightweight computational process runs very reliably on small IoT device chips with a minimized hardware overhead.

IoT cyber security

Highest Flexibility

The RESADO system can be easily adapted to different use-case scenarios comprising high flexibility and robustness.